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Foot in Mouth

Poor Taste

After taping an ill-fated television special in 1969, legendary disc jockey Tom Donahue said of his co-host, Lloyd Thaxton, “The only thing Lloyd did when he opened his mouth was switch feet.” It took nearly half a century, but now I know what Donahue was talking about.

Wagon Wheels Spokes

Kim Komando—Spokes Person

How did Kim Komando turn a one-minute radio feature into a communications empire that includes a radio show, video programming, social media content, newsletters, and branded products such as Windows tablets? What podcasters can learn from her techniques.

Switching Stations

The Big Switch

How do you describe yourself when you’re behind the microphone? Podcast host? Interviewer? Presenter? Your answer may shape how well your podcasts help you achieve your goals in the future, a future that is months, not years, away.

A Podcast Network is All About Teamwork

All Together Now

As the podcasting business consolidates, it’s not unusual for independent podcasters to find thoughts of forming a podcast network dancing in their heads. If they work together, a podcasting network can bring its founders and hosts increased visibility, improved content quality and a shot at some serious advertising dollars. If not, the network can sink itself before it gets started.

Your Mic Cable Could Be A Line In The Sand

When Fred Jacobs writes about radio, we podcasters ought to sit up and pay attention. Much of what he has to say about radio transfers directly to the challenges we face in podcasting every day. And many of the solutions, like this, that he recommends to broadcasters are ones we can either adopt or adapt to our own situations.