Monthly Archive: February 2016

Sony Acts As If Fair Use is Baloney

Fair Use? To Sony, It’s Baloney

What would you do if a minute or so of one of your podcast episodes was used as a teaching example in an online class? What if it found its way into a program on PodcastOne, Midroll or SiriusXM radio? The last thing that would come to my mind would be to issue a DMCA takedown order for copyright infringement. But, I’m not Sony.

Round And Round We Go

Some public radio stations have pulled together a working committee and that committee has developed a draft specification for the standardized measurement of podcast downloads. The next sound you hear...

podcast voice commands

Because I Say So

Recent wind storms in the Western US could very well be a great sighs of relief among podcasters. On the other hand, they could have been little more than great sighs. It seems that developers are finally taking voice recognition seriously. But will that seriousness translate to podcast applications that finally make listening to a podcast as easy as speaking your mind?

Your podcast is part of history

Your Podcast Will Soon Be History

Every time you upload a podcast, you’re making history. And, no, that’s not a figure of speech.. Like other audio recordings, podcasts will be part of archeological finds decades from now, as historians work to reconstruct the early 21st century. Or will they?