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Just Say No

Just Say No

Taking my podcast to radio has not made me a fan of failure. But every disappointing moment is also a teachable moment. Even this one.

Vintage Desk Phone

Wait Problem

Last week, in the midst of working through a period of prolonged frustration over my radio feature, I came upon an article by broadcast sales trainer Pat Bryson that upset everything.

A Podcast Network is All About Teamwork

All Together Now

As the podcasting business consolidates, it’s not unusual for independent podcasters to find thoughts of forming a podcast network dancing in their heads. If they work together, a podcasting network can bring its founders and hosts increased visibility, improved content quality and a shot at some serious advertising dollars. If not, the network can sink itself before it gets started.

Podcasting locally

Express Yourself Locally

Many of us think about our podcasts in terms of maximizing the number of downloads. Intuitively, that makes sense. The bigger our reach the more clout we ought to have. But, what is the clout you’re looking for? Revenue? Street cred? Leadership? What do you have to do to achieve those goals? And, what’s the competition? This is where localism makes sense.

Steve Jobs’ Brain

Brilliant as he was, Steve Jobs didn’t always think for himself. At the beginning of his career he was fortunate to have a brilliant marketer, Regis McKenna do some thinking for him. And therein lies a lesson for podcasters, a lesson that is lost in the media drumbeat about the podcast explosion.