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Man Exhaling

Taking Your Breath Away (Ep. 032)

Host Jay Douglas tells the story of how he saved his marriage. It’s a tale of anxiety, advertising, and the avoidance of a halitosis epidemic that could be traced back to his address.

Peter Pan Illustration

How It All Panned Out (Ep. 031)

When host Jay Douglas heard there might have been a real Peter Pan, he investigated. Here’s the story of why it’s a mistake know what’s behind a fairy tale.

Students Tossing Hats at Graduation

A Little Traveling Music (Ep. 030)

In Episode 30 of the podcast, host Jay Douglas tells the story of why we all marched out of our high school and college graduations to the same music without, for legal reasons, naming that tune.

Current Events (Ep. 028)

Why did Thomas Edison offer to buy an electric generator from his arch opponent, George Westinghouse, to use in the first execution by electric chair? Listen in.