Monthly Archive: May 2017

P. T. Barnum

Makes You Wonder (Ep. 037) (out-of-my-mind): DownloadSubscribe and never miss an episode. Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSSYour parents said it to you. You...

Computer Talking to Psychiatrist

Unthinkable (Ep. 036)

Computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum wasn’t replaced by an artificially-intelligent computer. He was chased out his job by the one he created.

Albert Einstein

We’re So Sorry Uncle Albert (Ep. 034)

Few people are betting on who’s right, Albert Einstein or Gene Roddenberry. But host Jay Douglas tells a story about why a fairly new, and totally spooky, behavior might dent Einstein’s winning streak.

ASL Finger Spell YAWK

Talk Of The Town (Ep. 033)

In this episode of Out Of My Mind, host Jay Douglas tells a story about how it’s not only hearing New Yorkers that tawk the tawk. Deaf New Yorkers can have New York accents, too.