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Polo Grounds, 1908

Hit Music (Ep. 056)

It’s hard to believe that people singing he third most-often sung song in the country don’t know its words. In this episode, Out Of My Mind podcast host Jay Douglas tells the story of what may be America’s most misunderstood song.

Jingle Boxes

Always On Your Mind (Ep. 049)

In Episode 49, Jay Douglas tells the story of the man behind the modern radio jingle and that tune you just can’t get out of your head.

Students Tossing Hats at Graduation

A Little Traveling Music (Ep. 030)

In Episode 30 of the podcast, host Jay Douglas tells the story of why we all marched out of our high school and college graduations to the same music without, for legal reasons, naming that tune.

Sony Acts As If Fair Use is Baloney

Fair Use? To Sony, It’s Baloney

What would you do if a minute or so of one of your podcast episodes was used as a teaching example in an online class? What if it found its way into a program on PodcastOne, Midroll or SiriusXM radio? The last thing that would come to my mind would be to issue a DMCA takedown order for copyright infringement. But, I’m not Sony.

beavers damming stream

Keep Your Hands Off Our Stream

Phil Schaap is a man caught in the middle. On one side there’s the Columbia University administration. On the other, SoundExchange, the non-profit organization that collects and distributes music royalties for Internet streams. What have Internet streams got to do with podcasting? It depends on how creative you are.