Keep Your Hands Off Our Stream

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  1. It is too bad from a legal standpoint that Columbia University – New York City is apparently a private institution. If it was a public entity/government agency-owned college, different rules would apply — specifically, the public entity/government agency, as licensee of the station, could not directly make programming decisions, because that could be considered “state action” and require public hearings and other official steps. Instead, the public entity/government agency would only, in my opinion, have the option of firing the station management and replacing it with someone else sharing the same view as the public entity/government agency licensee.

    • Jay Douglas says:

      Hi Dave…

      That’s interesting. And, maybe it’s why many radio stations at public colleges have gone that route. Here in LA, the major public radio stations are (a) affiliated with colleges and (b) run by paid professional staffs. At these stations, students serve as interns but do little on-air work. At WKCR, students can still work on the air (AFAIK).

      The whole situation makes me sad. As Schaap said in our interview, WKCR is a minor miracle. That’s what I thought of it when I worked there as an undergrad. I couldn’t believe the broadcasting education I was getting, not from professional staffers, but from other students. Many of these, most notably Robert Siegel, have gone on to long and successful radio careers. WKCR has done just fine under student control from the days when it was the Columbia University Radio Club. I’m sure it will do just fine under student control far into the future. Thanks for keeping the discussion going.


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