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Eye Chart And Glasses

It Remains To Be Seen (Ep. 046)

In Episode 46 of Out Of My Mind, host Jay Douglas tells the story of those letters on today’s eye chart and how Herman Snellen blinded us with science.

Bowl Of Corn Flakes

Flaky (Ep. 044)

As podcast host Jay Douglas tells the story in Episode 44, when John Harvey Kellogg invented corn flakes he hoped he’d found a cure for masturbation.

Wooden Spoon With Coffee Beans

Lost At Sea (Ep. 039)

Why couldn’t Snoopy get past, “It was a dark and stormy night?” Perhaps he was reluctant to share the story of the night when coffee lost its caffeine.

Albert Einstein

We’re So Sorry Uncle Albert (Ep. 034)

Few people are betting on who’s right, Albert Einstein or Gene Roddenberry. But host Jay Douglas tells a story about why a fairly new, and totally spooky, behavior might dent Einstein’s winning streak.