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2016 Monthly Online Radio Listening

The Stream is Rising

Podcasting is a great medium for freezing events in time. And that amazing ability to freeze time is exactly the reason podcasters need to consider streaming their shows.

Podcasting locally

Express Yourself Locally

Many of us think about our podcasts in terms of maximizing the number of downloads. Intuitively, that makes sense. The bigger our reach the more clout we ought to have. But, what is the clout you’re looking for? Revenue? Street cred? Leadership? What do you have to do to achieve those goals? And, what’s the competition? This is where localism makes sense.

Here’s What Podcasting Has Done To 238 Years Of History

If Thomas Edison, John Gabel and the principals of Automated Musical Instruments Inc. were alive today they’d be rolling over in their graves for what podcasting has done to their invention. As podcasters, we should be more embarrassed than amused. And, we ought to seriously consider this fix.