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Grace Murray Hopper and Univac

Woman’s Work (Ep. 051)

Was Jimmy Buffett right in singing, “Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame?” In Episode 51, Jay Douglas tells the story of Grace Murray Hopper’s role in Y2K.

Tangled Web

Tangled Web (Ep. 042)

In Episode 42 of Out Of Your Mind, the tale of the unromantic story of the World Wide Web’s creator. (Hint: It’s not the romantic Tim Berners-Lee.)

Albert Einstein

We’re So Sorry Uncle Albert (Ep. 034)

Few people are betting on who’s right, Albert Einstein or Gene Roddenberry. But host Jay Douglas tells a story about why a fairly new, and totally spooky, behavior might dent Einstein’s winning streak.

Round And Round We Go

Some public radio stations have pulled together a working committee and that committee has developed a draft specification for the standardized measurement of podcast downloads. The next sound you hear...