Category: Podcast

Twisted (Ep. 063)

Little did Albert J. Parkhouse know when he twisted a pair of wires into a fancy hook to hang up his winter coat the frustration he was about to unleash.

Hansom Cab Pub

No More Horsing Around (Ep. 062)

Jay Douglas tells the story of how the bankruptcy of Hansom cab inventor James Hansom, and a crooked cab driver in New York brought motorized cabs to the city.

Couple Dancing

What? A Coincidence? (Ep. 061)

In Episode 061, Jay Douglas throws a party to explain how coincidences are the results of science and math and not some glitch in the Matrix.

WMCA Good Guys 1964

Rock And Role Model (Ep. 059)

In the 1960s six DJs, the WMCA Good Guys, ruled the New York City airwaves. But, the real story is the unlikely person who made that happen.