Tagged: Popular Culture

Twisted (Ep. 063)

Little did Albert J. Parkhouse know when he twisted a pair of wires into a fancy hook to hang up his winter coat the frustration he was about to unleash.

Hansom Cab Pub

No More Horsing Around (Ep. 062)

Jay Douglas tells the story of how the bankruptcy of Hansom cab inventor James Hansom, and a crooked cab driver in New York brought motorized cabs to the city.

Couple Dancing

What? A Coincidence? (Ep. 061)

In Episode 061, Jay Douglas throws a party to explain how coincidences are the results of science and math and not some glitch in the Matrix.

Motel Sign

Good Vibrations (Ep. 058)

In Episode 58, Out Of My Mind podcast host Jay Douglas traces the rise and fall of an American icon and symbol of the freedom of the open road.

Heart Carved On A Tree

Have A Heart (Ep. 057)

That the familiar heart shape looks nothing like a human heart is obvious to anyone who’s ever taken high school biology. But why? In Episode 57, Jay Douglas digs through 2500 years of history to find out what went wrong.