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Heart Carved On A Tree

Have A Heart (Ep. 057)

That the familiar heart shape looks nothing like a human heart is obvious to anyone who’s ever taken high school biology. But why? In Episode 57, Jay Douglas digs through 2500 years of history to find out what went wrong.

Smoking a Joint - The Theater of Your Mind

High Society (Ep. 055)

As Baby Boomers return to marijuana, Out Of My Mind podcast host Jay Douglas tells the story of why getting high in your sixties won’t be the same as getting high in the sixties. With guest Patti Gordon.

KDKA Press Box Microphone

She’s Not There (Ep. 054)

Why didn’t the first woman radio baseball announcer live on in the annals history? Jay Douglas tells the story, and the breakfast cereal behind her non-career.

Grace Murray Hopper and Univac

Woman’s Work (Ep. 051)

Was Jimmy Buffett right in singing, “Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame?” In Episode 51, Jay Douglas tells the story of Grace Murray Hopper’s role in Y2K.

Jingle Boxes

Always On Your Mind (Ep. 049)

In Episode 49, Jay Douglas tells the story of the man behind the modern radio jingle and that tune you just can’t get out of your head.