The Big Switch

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2 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Would love to get your perspective on hiring a podcast host who can fit the road map above. Where does one go to find such talent?

    • Jay Douglas says:

      Hi Steve…

      It all depends upon the type of show you have. In general, though, I’d look at performers in improv groups and acting classes. Also, stand-up comedians in your area. You’re looking for people with both presence and flexibility. Don’t forget other podcasts. There are many good hosts and potential hosts today. Often they need a little mentoring and direction to turn them into really good hosts (and better). I’d listen to radio, too. There’s some good talent working in medium and small markets. Their stations either stream their programming or are distributed through TuneIn and iTunes. Listen in the mornings (their time) when you have the best chance of hearing live talent. These stations may be automated the rest of the day.

      Hope this helps.

      — jay

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