A Little Traveling Music (Ep. 030)

Students Tossing Hats at Graduation

When Sir Edward Elgar composed the first of his five marches, he had no idea that a trio from March Number One would define graduation day forever. How did this happen? In Episode 30 of Out Of My Mind, host Jay Douglas adds some notes to Elgar’s music without, for legal reasons, naming that tune.

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Read Jay’s blog post at The Out Of My Mind Blog. And don’t miss the Mind Doodle at the end of the post about the first person who couldn’t get this graduation song out of his head.

(Thanks to Arthur Reynolds, founder of Rexon LTD and Sir Edward Elgar expert, for his help with this story. And thanks to special guest Rockin’ Dave Milberg, host of the Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll podcast for lending his voice to this episode.

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