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And The Hits Might Keep On Coming

Imagine, if you will, a strange new world in which the only way to hear the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra is to buy their recordings and listen to them in the privacy of your own iPod. Right now, the big boys of radio (and streaming) are grappling with the possibility of just such a future. But one radio broadcaster doesn’t share this vision, and and has revived an…uh…interesting legal theory. When put forth in 2009, the theory was dismissed in a heartbeat. But the modern approach has some legal heft behind it, including accidental support from the record industry. This time, the argument just might work.

Using music in podcasting is harder than it should be.

Music To Our (Listeners’) Ears

The RadioWorld magazine website contains an illuminating post about about the year (1941) radio boycotted ASCAP. What grabbed my attention was that the broadcasting industry formed the National Association of Broadcasters...