Did You Hear The One About The Lawyer And The Podcast?

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  1. Jay….

    Many thanks for your comments. Interestingly, as part of my ongoing research, I have discovered numerous podcasts that play “big record label” songs all the way through…and while I cannot confirm it, I do not know if these records were licensed or not. You might consider browsing through i-Tunes yourself to see how many such podcasts you can find, too.

    In the meantime, best wishes for super hit days and solid gold nights….and always rock on.

    Radio Dave

    • Jay Douglas says:

      Thanks, Radio Dave…

      I’m as amazed (confused?) as you are. Based on meetings and discussions with other podcasters, it seems many of them are woefully ignorant when it comes to copyright law. The most frequent justification I hear is fair use, e.g., I’m educating people as to what these songs sounded like. The second most-popular “defense” is “I’m only using a part of the song.” Perhaps some oldies podcasters slipped through the cracks of the pre-1972 copyright issue, but after the Gutierrez decision that’s a slippery slope now, too. Maybe some podcasters have money to burn and figure they’ll play whatever they damn please. I suspect the truth lies in what you said in your interview with Ken Deutsch: lack of knowledge coupled with lax enforcement. A dangerous combination whatever the venue.

      I hope you’re the guy to find a solution to all of this. There’d be a raft of podcasters in your debt. Good luck with the legal aspects and with your show. It’s great having another radio pro working in podcasting.

  2. Jay….

    I am pleased to announce that my “Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll” podcast series now is available for free downloads at the iTunes Store. Just search “Rare & Scratchy” in the “Podcasts” section, or visit my web site http://www.rareandscratchy.com for information on the programs and links to iTunes. This took six months of research and learning all the necessary technology, but the I think the journey is well worth it. I would appreciate your comments, as well as those following your blog, with regard to whether or not you like the shows. And if do like them, please also spread the word on Facebook and any other social media you use…in addition, of course, to your blog.

    Rock on.

    Radio Dave

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