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Steve Jobs’ Brain

Brilliant as he was, Steve Jobs didn’t always think for himself. At the beginning of his career he was fortunate to have a brilliant marketer, Regis McKenna do some thinking for him. And therein lies a lesson for podcasters, a lesson that is lost in the media drumbeat about the podcast explosion.

Hi—We’re Your Audience And We’d Like To Connect With You

According to media analyst Fred Jacobs, “…as much as consumers enjoy creating and sharing playlists, discovering new bands on Facebook, or reading polling stats on Politico, there’s no substitute for the local personal connection that only radio can provide.” That’s radio and podcasting, Fred. Radio and podcasting.

A Straight-From-The-Heart Lesson In Connecting With Your Audience

Something happened on BBC Radio Solent last week that’s a great example of what radio is all about—and what podcasting can grow to become.

After his wife went into a nursing home, 95-year-old Bill Palmer called the Alex Dyke show on BBC Radio Solent to talk about his loneliness. Dyke ordered a cab to take Palmer from his home to the studio, where Palmer was Dyke’s guest for the rest of the show.