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The Scariest Audience—Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking with Peter Desberg, Ph.D.

peter-desbergPsychologist and Professor Emeritus of Psychology Peter Desberg has been one of Hollywood’s go-to psychologists for people needing to overcome their fear of public speaking. He’s lectured about stage fright, conducted workshops and written four books on the subject. So when Peter advises that the number one way to overcome your fear is practice, practice, practice, he’s not reprising the old joke about Carnegie Hall. He means it. And, to Peter, practice is not a matter of reading over your speech. It’s performing your speech (or talk or lines of dialogue) the way you’re going to do it in front of an audience. It’s rehearsing with distractions so you get used to stopping and starting your speech without feeling rattled. And it’s rehearsing until you know your speech so well that you can incorporate any unexpected events into your talk so smoothly that people wonder if you planned the interruption.

Peter has some advice on what to do when even practicing doesn’t allay your fear in this Episode Extra only on YouTube.


Here are links to Peter’s books on managing your fear of public speaking.

Speaking Scared, Sounding Good: Public Speaking for the Private Person

No More Butterflies: Overcoming Stagefright, Shyness, Interview Anxiety and Fear of Public Speaking

Controlling Stagefright

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

Your Voice Deserves to be Heard with Ann Utterback, Ph.D.

ann-utterback“If you’re lucky enough to lead a long life you’re going to have to deal with changes in your voice.” That’s the word from Ann Utterback, Ph.D., a broadcast voice specialist, a stress reduction counselor and an author. Of course, there’s a difference between accepting these changes and dealing with them. We can’t reverse the aging effects, but we can mitigate the common ones, such as not being heard or poor articulation. Dr. Utterback takes us through a few simple exercises to correct what most people are doing wrong (are you a victim of social breathing?) that will make a difference in how you sound to your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Oh, yes, and did you know that as we age, men’s voices go up in pitch while women’s voices go down? The reason why will bring a smile to your face.

Dr. Utterback writes a regular blog on the voice and keeping it alive and well. You can read her blog posts by clicking here.

And here’s an additional exercise you can do to keep your voice in shape. This is an Episode Extra found only on YouTube.


If you’d like to follow up on some of the advice in the show, look at Dr. Utterback’s book Broadcaster’s Survival Guide: Staying Alive in the Business. Don’t be put off by the title. Broadcasters have the same voice challenges you have, only starting at a younger age, and this book covers the care, feeding and protection of your voice from the best foods to eat to the best ways of avoiding voice-robbing stress.

And for more voice exercises here are some audio downloads you can listen to on the go.

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