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3D Printing Takes Shape with Tom and Tracy Hazzard

tom-tracy-hazzardNot so long ago, 3D printing, the creation of three-dimensional objects in much the same way computers create two-dimensional documents, was an expensive process. Recently, though, key patents for the 3D process expired, and with that dozens of entrepreneurs jumped at the opportunity to manufacture 3D printers that cost little more than a quality document printer. Three-D printing is similar to making a layer cake, only instead of piling a layer of chocolate on a layer of strawberry, 3D printers lay down layers of plastic, metal, wax or resin, carefully shaped the way a 2D printer carefully shapes letters, numbers and images.

With that, society is taking another series of steps down the road to a future with a twist you probably didn’t expect.

The physical results are awe-inspiring, from mass-produced items that are highly personal (hearing aids) to three-dimensional models of sonogram images that give a blind mother the opportunity to “see” her fetus the way a sighted mother can. But another impact has less to do with what comes out of a 3D printer than what goes into 3D printing. It’s an impact that can change the lives and fortunes of your children and grandchildren forever.

All this, and chocolate, in this week’s all new Out Of My Mind Short Story.

(PS: The shoes the young woman is wearing in the picture at the top of this page were 3D printed.)

Episode Extra

In this Episode Extra, found only on YouTube, Tom and Tracy offer tips on evaluating 3D printing to see if it can add value to your business.

For More Information
Visit Tom and Tracy’s website at Hazz Design Consulting, Inc.
They also host a podcast devoted to 3D printing.
Tom and Tracy with some WTFFF podcast episodes you might find useful in understanding 3D printing:
Episode 79: Why everyone should consider 3D Printing.
Episode 101: What entrepreneurs should know about 3D Printing.
Episode 105: Perfect Pet Prints – This one is an easy to understand real word example of a business that depends on 3D Printing, and uses it to provide a very valuable product/service for their customers.

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