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Because I Say So

Recent wind storms in the Western US could very well be a great sighs of relief among podcasters. On the other hand, they could have been little more than great sighs. It seems that developers are finally taking voice recognition seriously. But will that seriousness translate to podcast applications that finally make listening to a podcast as easy as speaking your mind?

Your podcast is part of history

Your Podcast Will Soon Be History

Every time you upload a podcast, you’re making history. And, no, that’s not a figure of speech.. Like other audio recordings, podcasts will be part of archeological finds decades from now, as historians work to reconstruct the early 21st century. Or will they?

beavers damming stream

Keep Your Hands Off Our Stream

Phil Schaap is a man caught in the middle. On one side there’s the Columbia University administration. On the other, SoundExchange, the non-profit organization that collects and distributes music royalties for Internet streams. What have Internet streams got to do with podcasting? It depends on how creative you are.

So Much Fun It Could Be Illegal

Dave Milberg is a former radio talent who is finding a new home in the podcast universe. He’s also taking a gamble that a formula he developed at Chicago’s WGN radio in 2010 will work in podcasting. And not land him in jail.

Your Mic Cable Could Be A Line In The Sand

When Fred Jacobs writes about radio, we podcasters ought to sit up and pay attention. Much of what he has to say about radio transfers directly to the challenges we face in podcasting every day. And many of the solutions, like this, that he recommends to broadcasters are ones we can either adopt or adapt to our own situations.