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Round And Round We Go

Some public radio stations have pulled together a working committee and that committee has developed a draft specification for the standardized measurement of podcast downloads. The next sound you hear...

So Much Fun It Could Be Illegal

Dave Milberg is a former radio talent who is finding a new home in the podcast universe. He’s also taking a gamble that a formula he developed at Chicago’s WGN radio in 2010 will work in podcasting. And not land him in jail.

Podcasting Is The New Radio? Huh?

As 2015 wound down, a phrase kept popping up that has me somewhat mystified. “Podcasting,” it declared, “is the new radio.” I’m in the dark as to what backs up this statement. Maybe it’s nothing more benign than pride and optimism. The trouble is, going off in this direction is hazardous to podcasting’s development.

I’m Sorry You Have To Read This Post

PodcastOne knows it. Mark Ramsey wrote about it months ago. If this issue doesn’t resonate with you, yet, maybe this post will help nudge you into action. At least it should get you thinking. I apologize in advance, however, because, at the age of ten, podcasting shouldn’t be spawing posts like this and you shouldn’t have to read them.