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Dog Days of Summer with Kevin McManus

kevin-mcmanusDoctors, life coaches, psychologists and more are finding that a pet can be as helpful in reducing stress, improving fitness and alleviating anxiety and depression than diet routines, expensive medicines or hours of therapy. What’s more, there’s a dog or cat that’s right for helping you through any of these situations. Kevin Mcmanus, Director of Adoptions at the Pasadena Animal Shelter and SPCA in Pasadena, California guides us through some of the things to look for when adopting a pet…and some of the things to avoid. (Do you really want to care for a puppy or kitten now that you’ve finally gotten the kids out of the house?)

He also makes a great argument for adopting a rescue pet instead of buying one from a pet store or breeder. The emotional satisfaction works both ways. You give an animal a second chance and your new pet bonds with you in a way that store-bought animals don’t quite seem to do.

Far from being damaged goods, shelter pets are waiting and hoping for their second chance, and it’s not only you that wants to see them get it. The shelter workers do, too. And that makes them a great source of information on the care and feeding of your new pet.

Man Enough with Joel Stein

joel-lazlo-steinFaced with the impending birth of (his first) son, Time magazine columnist and author Joel Stein worried he wasn’t experienced enough to teach his boy the ways of being a man. He embarked on a crash program to educate himself in the ways of real men, a story he documented in his book Man Made. Seven years later, Joel has something to say about what he discovered in the course of  raising his son, Laszlow. You might want to share Joel’s observation with your parent-aged kids. A word of caution, however. Dr. Spock he’s not.

Here’s a link to Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity, Joel’s book about his quest to become a dad figure for his son.

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Episode 25: Listen on YouTube


Forget about fiddling around with podcast apps and players that don’t work when you want to listen to Out Of My Mind. We’ve moved all our episodes to YouTube. Don’t worry. We haven’t gone Hollywood, and you won’t have to look at Jay’s face for 17 minutes a week. It’s the same podcast you’ll find on iTunes but with a static picture slapped on it so YouTube thinks it’s a video.

Go to outofmymindpodcastonyoutube.com, pick what you want to listen to and enjoy.

Not only does listening on YouTube take fewer steps, but a single click on the Read Show Notes banner at the beginning and end of each show will take you right to the show notes. No more working your way through the website. In the coming weeks, we’ll post bonus interviews and comments from guests you won’t find anywhere else online. And we’ll take popular interviews and features and put them in their own videos so you can listen to them without having to listen to the entire program (do not tell Jay about this).

If you have a Google account (and, honestly, who doesn’t), you can subscribe on YouTube and receive a notification whenever we post something new. You can also leave comments about the show right there while you’re listening. We think listening to Out Of My Mind on YouTube will be a more pleasant experience for you. Try it right now, then let us know if we’re right or what we can do to make it better.

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