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The Buick Behind the Buick with Kevin Kirbitz

kevin-kirbitzIt might surprise you—it surprised me—to find out that the Buick automobile was named after the man who invented it. Not nearly as well known as inventors and industrialists whose cars also bore their last names (think Ford, the Dodge Brothers and Oldsmobile…yes, named after Ransom E. Olds), David Dunbar Buick was instrumental in the formation of General Motors in 1908. From that moment on, Buick’s life was like a ride up and down the hill country of the Midwest. Kevin Kirbitz, historian, GM engineering manager and board member of the Buick Heritage Alliance, brings the ups and downs of Buick’s story to the show in this special segment. Kirbitz, a renowned expert on the life of David Buick shares some little known stories about Buick and his rise from the ground floor of General Motors to his death right before the Stock Market crash of 1929. It’s as fascinating as any entrepreneurial story you’d read today about some Silicon Valley hotshot.

In two Episode Extras, available on the show’s YouTube channel, Kevin shares two additional stories about the Buick automobile.

Listen to the story of Buick’s insignia with Kevin Kirbitz


Listen to Kevin Kirbitz tell the story of why Buick automobiles had portholes in their front fenders. (Note: Harley Earl was head of Design at General Motors and later became Vice President.)


If you’d like to read an in-depth story of Buick and GM, here’s the definitive book: David Buick’s Marvelous Motor Car: The Men and the Automobile that Launched General Motors

Pardon the Interruption But You’re Under Arrest with Tom Mabe

tom-mabeIf you don’t know who Tom Mabe is you can be forgiven. Maybe. Tom started his career with the goal of becoming a songwriter. Along the way, and out of the frustration we feel when our private time is interrupted by the voice of a telemarketer, Tom began hassling these callers and recording the calls. It was these recordings, and not his songs, that brought him to national attention. It also didn’t hurt that Tom once attended a telemarketing convention in Washington, D.C, where he booked himself into the convention hotel. Tom proceeded to call telemarketers’ rooms at 3AM to sell them sleeping pills.

In this Out Of My Mind episode, Tom has generously agreed to allow us to play what may be his most famous telemarketer prank, in which he convinces the hapless caller that fate has landed him in the middle of a homicide investigation. Say thanks to Tom by visiting his YouTube channel and listening to more of his genuinely hysterical comedy.

But first, keep a handkerchief at the ready (for the tears of laughter) and put a mattress or something soft underneath you so you don’t hurt yourself when you fall down laughing.

Hear more of Tom Mabe on his YouTube channel, MabeInAmerica.

Far From the Twilight Zone with Anne Serling

anne-serlingWhen Rod Serling died his daughter, Anne, was 20 years old. She was so grief-stricken it would take her years to be able to visit the family’s summer cottage and other places that contained vivid memories of the father she loved. At the same time, much of her father’s fame, especially The Twilight Zone television program, came before she was born, or when she was too young to appreciate his work and its significance (she was four when The Twilight Zone premiered in 1959).

This week (this Out Of My Mind show originally aired on September 26, 2015) marks the premiere of The Twilight Zone on October 2, 1959. To remember the event, I called Anne and asked her to share what it was like growing up as Rod Serling’s daughter, her relationship with her father, and some of her most enduring memories of him. She also talks about how she came to terms with her grief while writing As I Knew Him, a touching recollection of a young daughter’s relationship with her famous-but-it-didn’t-make-any-difference-to-her daughter.

Vist Anne Serling’s Website

As I Knew Him on Amazon

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