Why I’m Excited About A New Podcast

My new podcast Out Of My Mind is a show about everything...in 17 minutes a week.I’m terribly excited right now. If my excitement level could somehow be translated to the Richter Scale, the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake would seem like a grumbling stomach. All of this should be even more impressive to you when I tell you that, in my family, the phrase terribly excited is a euphemism for freaked out of my mind.

In two days, July 4th, the first episode of my new podcast, Out Of My Mind, will be posted online. Under an arrangement with the AARP, you can listen to it even if you’re not a Baby Boomer. (If you are a Baby Boomer I should warn you that attendance will be taken.)

I cannot believe that with years of live radio experience behind me I am intimidated by a 17-minute recorded show that I get to edit before anyone hears it. While that may take away some of the drama—especially if you’re hoping to catch me making a mistake about the name of the woman who almost brought down the Clinton presidency (Monica Lewinski) or the name of the author of Mark Twain’s autobiography (also Monica Lewinski)—it saves me from the pressure of having to hold in a belch until I start the next record. Especially since I won’t be playing records.

I’ve been assured by my old broadcasting buddies that being behind the mic is like riding a bicycle. It’s something you never forget. I am perfectly confident that if I were to get on a bicycle now the only parts that would come back to me are how easy it is to drive into curbs and why making a sudden stop using just the front brakes is still a bad idea. Riding a bicycle is apparently my family’s euphemism for my old broadcasting buddies aren’t helping.

What would really help is your not downloading the show until I got good at it—say about 2032. (Baby Boomers with a death certificates will be excused from listening.) The show is called Out Of My Mind. You might want to write that down so if someone recommends it to you you can unfriend them on FaceSpace, or whatever it’s called.

Here’s the link where you can listen. Please don’t click it by accident, especially not on July 4th after 8AM Eastern, or any Saturday morning thereafter.

The only reason to listen on Saturday, and I stress this qualifies as an emergency, is if you’d like to know what the show is about. That way, you’ll find out at the same time I do.


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