Current Events (Ep. 028)

Tattoo of Electric ChairIn 1899, William Klemmer was living a quiet life in upstate New York, counting the days until he’d become the first convicted criminal to die in an electric chair. In Episode 28, Out Of My Mind host Jay Douglas tells the story of why Thomas Edison offered to buy an electric generator from his arch opponent, George Westinghouse, for use in Klemmer’s execution.

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Read Jay’s blog post at The Out Of My Mind Blog. And don’t miss the Mind Doodle, at the end of the post, about why our electric companies supply us with 120 volts (and not 100 or 314).

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2 Responses

  1. James says:

    Liked the info, and the special effects Jay. Shocked to not find Penny, just like Tesla not mentioned in the show notes ha ha

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