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Out Of My Mind—Episode 21 Show Notes

With the holiday season approaching, now is the time to indulge your love for reading and share it with your kids and grandkids as well. In this episode, Elliott Bay Book Company bookseller Holly Meyers shares the pleasures of re-reading the Great Books we side-stepped in high school. Then, since we have our kids and grandkids in our clutches during the holidays, bookseller Justus Joseph suggests ways to encourage them to put down their smartphones and pick up a book. One surprise recommendation nearly knocked me off my feet.

Out Of My Mind—Episode 20 Show Notes

They were important enough that during a newspaper strike, New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia went on the radio and read them to eager New Yorkers. On Sunday mornings they were the bond between parent and child and grandchild. In Episode 20, Jay Douglas and Out Of My Mind join with newspapers across the country in celebrating comic strips. Listen as Dave Kellett and Fred Schroeder, co-producers of the documentary Stripped talk about the past, present and future of the comics.

Out Of My Mind—Episode 19 Show Notes

In Episode 19, host Jay Douglas takes you to the world of independent filmmaking and the story of scream queen Jessica Cameron, horror film actor, producer and director. While it’s not unusual to be a triple hyphenate in the independent film world, it is unusual to be scared to death of your co-stars. How Jessica uses her art to overcome her fear is this week’s Out Of My Mind Short Story.

Out Of My Mind—Episode 18 Show Notes

In Episode 18, host Jay Douglas takes you inside the number one fear of most Americans: the fear of public speaking. Listen to tips for overcoming that fear from psychologist and stage fright expert Peter Desberg and tips from Ann Utterback, Ph.D. for making your voice sound as powerful and strong as you feel. It’s another Out Of My Mind Short Story.

Out Of My Mind—Episode 17 Show Notes

3D Printing Takes Shape with Tom and Tracy Hazzard Not so long ago, 3D printing, the creation of three-dimensional objects in much the same way computers create two-dimensional documents,...