Author: Jay Douglas

Female Photographer

How To Solve Your Image Problem

A friend of mine paid $500 to use a photo on his website. Not only didn’t he plan on paying anything at all, he was lucky the bill wasn’t for two or three times as much.

Marching Band

What’s Wrong With A Little Hype?

When I worked in advertising I watched an experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur run his start-up into the ground. All because he believed his own hype. It doesn’t have to happen to your podcast.

Wagon Wheels Spokes

Kim Komando—Spokes Person

How did Kim Komando turn a one-minute radio feature into a communications empire that includes a radio show, video programming, social media content, newsletters, and branded products such as Windows tablets? What podcasters can learn from her techniques.

Switching Stations

The Big Switch

How do you describe yourself when you’re behind the microphone? Podcast host? Interviewer? Presenter? Your answer may shape how well your podcasts help you achieve your goals in the future, a future that is months, not years, away.