Spam, Great Books and 1966 (Ep. 001)

oomm-websiteIn this first episode, host Jay Douglas follows his curiosity to the dark side of the Internet where spam breeds; Seattle, Washington, the home of Elliott Bay Book Company, to find out if his 11th grade English teacher might have been right about Silas Marner, and to 1966. That might take a little explaining, which Jay does during the show.

Jay also searches for the reason the radio industry wants to kill off some of his fondest memories, and probably yours, too.

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2 Responses

  1. James says:

    Hi Jay, love the first episode! Not many people can bring up a conversation that includes Don Quixote and a random Super Hero named Chicken Man and make perfect sense ha ha ha

  2. Jay Douglas says:


    Thanks for noticing that the show has an eclectic mix of topics. And give yourself 10 points for knowing how to spell Quixote 🙂



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