Big Audiences, Little Audiences, Wuthering Heights and Your Uncle (Ep. 004)

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2 Responses

  1. jeff Robbins says:

    If you have ever experienced stage fright, Ep. 004 is a must hear. I worked in a job for 35 years that required a daily interaction with and audience. The stage fright never went away. I wish I had some coaching on this issue, or even a list of the points made on the pod cast on how to overcome this fear.
    And stay with it even after this story is over; the segments on author’s houses and The Man From Uncle are also well worth you time.

    • Jay Douglas says:

      Thanks for the comments, Jeff. Glad the public speaking story helped. Sorry it came a bit late.

      The Man From Uncle segment is one of my favorites. Still haven’t screwed up the courage (if that’s what it is) to see the feature film. I prefer remembering Napoleon and Illya the way they were (and I believe meant to be).

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