Big Audiences, Little Audiences, Wuthering Heights and Your Uncle (Ep. 004)


In this week’s episode, host Jay Douglas travels from the scariest audiences in the world to the the littlest ones to Wuthering Heights. Jay also organizes a reunion with your uncle.

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2 Responses

  1. jeff Robbins says:

    If you have ever experienced stage fright, Ep. 004 is a must hear. I worked in a job for 35 years that required a daily interaction with and audience. The stage fright never went away. I wish I had some coaching on this issue, or even a list of the points made on the pod cast on how to overcome this fear.
    And stay with it even after this story is over; the segments on author’s houses and The Man From Uncle are also well worth you time.

    • Jay Douglas says:

      Thanks for the comments, Jeff. Glad the public speaking story helped. Sorry it came a bit late.

      The Man From Uncle segment is one of my favorites. Still haven’t screwed up the courage (if that’s what it is) to see the feature film. I prefer remembering Napoleon and Illya the way they were (and I believe meant to be).

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