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Facebook Is All Ears—Or Could Be

Regular readers of this blog will know there’s no love lost between me and the current way of distributing podcasts. Podcast distributing? There’s a phrase begging to be redefined. Podcasts aren’t distributed. They’re discovered. And the process resembles a Keystone Kops chase, with people scrambling around iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, Libsyn and SoundCloud until they find themselves running in circles. That’s hardly befitting a medium that wants to be taken seriously. Wouldn’t you rather be where your audience is (surely your audience would like that)? If so, this is a great time to be alive.

Does Blogging Hold The Key To The Future Of Podcasting?

Here’s a post to put on your must-read list. It’s a thought-provoking article written by Joshua Benton for the Neiman Lab blog. Benton takes a look at the similarities between the evolution of blogging and the early life of podcasting. While blogging may resemble podcasting the way baseball resembles football, media has an evolutionary inertia that exerts itself regardless of the platform. That’s why Benton’s conclusions are not to be dismissed.

“We Need To Stop Putting So Much Emphasis On Money.”

What can we do to make the podcasting world a better place for us to work and play? That’s what I asked Adam Mulholland, founder of the AM Podcast Network. He’s using his network, and some counter-intuitive thinking, to correct what he sees as shortcomings in the podcasting business. Here are his takes on some topics he’s passionate about.