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Does Blogging Hold The Key To The Future Of Podcasting?

Here’s a post to put on your must-read list. It’s a thought-provoking article written by Joshua Benton for the Neiman Lab blog. Benton takes a look at the similarities between the evolution of blogging and the early life of podcasting. While blogging may resemble podcasting the way baseball resembles football, media has an evolutionary inertia that exerts itself regardless of the platform. That’s why Benton’s conclusions are not to be dismissed.

Hi—We’re Your Audience And We’d Like To Connect With You

According to media analyst Fred Jacobs, “…as much as consumers enjoy creating and sharing playlists, discovering new bands on Facebook, or reading polling stats on Politico, there’s no substitute for the local personal connection that only radio can provide.” That’s radio and podcasting, Fred. Radio and podcasting.

A Look At Podcasting Down The Road

I nearly skipped over this article on the Media Briefing blog about podcasting’s renaissance and I’m glad I didn’t. Because unlike the typical “boy, we’re doing great” angle,...